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29 March 2011 - Video news on the plutonium leak at the Fukushima reactors.

20 March 2011 - Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant and radioactive iodine.

8 July - HHS strengthens privacy and security rules.

Flu News

Medfilms "Influenza" wins first place at the Int'l Health and Medical Media Awards.

Dept. of Energy newsletter, DOE Pulse, covers Medfilms' "Radiological Terrorism for Healthcare" video.
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Featured Videos

OSHA's Newest Training Mandate

OSHA Training - Due Now!
Hazard Communication and GHS Labeling

Satisfies OSHA training requirements for hospitals and home healthcare. Special two DVD set explains the new GHS labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS). More here.

For all employees.

"Great! ..very informative and appropriate for my curriculum" Mae Endy, Instructor

Concise and effective.

Hazard Communication
HIPAA and Breach Notification

For all employees.

Provides the training required by the the HITECH regulation (i.e., Breach notification rule).

Explains "Breach Notification" and methods of securing protected health information (PHI). More here.

Confidentiality, Privacy and HIPAA
Confidentiality, Privacy and HIPAA
Crystal Award of Excellence
Silver Cindy Award

For all employees.

This is the perfect video for providing HIPAA training in orientation or annual review classes.

Confidentiality, Privacy and HIPAA
Radiological Terrorism for Healthcare
1st Place, Columbus Int'l Film & Video Festival
For all staff.

Developed in cooperation with the Los Alamos National Laboratory's Threat Reduction Directorate.

This video addresses irrational fear while presenting basic safety information.

Radiological Terrorism for Healthcare
Fire Safety and Extinguishers
For all healthcare workers.

This video covers everything needed for your fire safety program. It focuses on the most common issues in healthcare facilities including fire procedures and fire safety violations.

Fire Rescue
Emergency Preparedness
For all healthcare workers.

This motivational DVD introduces HICS and emergency preparedness. It tells the story of the crash of United 232 and how the medical community saved dozens of lives because they had planned and practiced for emergencies.

Wreckage of UAL 232
Patient Restraints and Seclusion
Telly Award
For all direct care providers.

Provides newly mandated CMS training. Covers the requirements of the new final rule. The Federal rule requires initial and periodic training of all staff. To learn more on the new rule see our resources page.

Restraints and Seclusion
Healthcare Associated Infections
JCAHO NPSG #7 and CMS "Never Events"

Provides concise and effective training on HAI interventions. Includes the basic CDC bundles for UTI, Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections, Surgical Site Infections, and Ventilator Associated Pneumonia.



2010 Update - Provides OSHA required training

Influenza - H1N1
First Place Freddie Awards

Support for your vaccination program. Concise, confidence building training for all employees. Includes the most current "2010 H1N1" information. Reduces hospital acquired infections.

Workforce wide training in only 12 minutes.

Identifying Victims of Abuse
For all healthcare workers.

JCAHO, and other accrediting organizations, require that staff be trained to identify victims of abuse. This video covers elder, partner and child abuse.

Partner Abuse
Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions
For all healthcare providers.

Bring your staff up-to-date on the CDC Guidelines. Covers the changes in the new Guidelines and provides a concise overview of the existing recommendations.

The cough
Hospital Incident Command System
NIMS ICS-100 Training - For all healthcare workers.

Provides ICS-100 training in a fraction of the time. Meets official FEMA requirements, and makes the content more hospital relevant. Visuals bring the topic alive and motivate employees.

(Also, available as an online course providing you with compliance documentation. Call for details.)

Security and Violence for Healthcare
For all healthcare workers.

Training is essential to a safe workplace. This video will help employees avoid being drawn into emotionally charged situations. It makes it clear that your facility will not tolerate violence or threats of violence. Provides training recommended by OSHA, NIOSH, and the CDC. (California Hospitals: This DVD provides AB 508 training.)

Chemical Terrorism for Healthcare
For all healthcare providers.

This is ideal video training for handling chemical incidents related to terrorism or accident.

Content is adapted from United States Army Research Institute of Chemical Defense (USARICD).

Hand Hygiene
Bioterrorism for Healthcare
Surgeon General's Award
1st Place Freddie Awards

For all employees.

This has become America's standard training video on bioterrorism. It has been adopted by the VA Health System and many other major medical centers.

Bioterrorism for Healthcare

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